The strange events of the last year and a half have meant we’ve all spent a great deal of time in our own homes because, quite frankly, going anywhere else often hasn’t been easy or possible. And that means we’ve perhaps been paying more attention to our homes than we normally would.

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Did you use lockdown to tackle some DIY around the house? Or perhaps redecorate or redesign a room, or part of your home? Well, you’re not alone. So with that in mind, we’ve picked out a few great products that won’t break the bank but will be lots of use around the home. Could now be the right time for your business to utilise these great promotional homeware products?

Custom Items for Kitchens

Like a good loaf of bread, home baking has risen in popularity in many areas around the world recently. Equip your customers or staff to create their own culinary delights with these stylish and customisable oven mitts. We can’t help you out with any recipes, but if you want a hand testing the finished goods, just let us know!

Gifts for Living Rooms

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with these gorgeous and modern aluminium photo frames you can capture those treasured family memories and put them on display for all to see.

Branded Bathroom Essentials

Accidents happen, and it’s important to always be prepared to treat any mishaps that occur around the house at home. These well stocked promotional first aid sets are a great way to look after the people that matter to your business, while also growing your brand