Isn’t it fun to receive a toy in a giveaway! No matter what age we become, we all love a bit of the games action. We offer a range of products in this category, for your brand’s promotion.

Puzzle & Plush Toy

Customised Gift Ideas

Promotional toys are perfect for marketing your company. The products get noticed and are appreciated by both children and adults alike. Our products range from frisbees and flyers in different colours and sizes. We also offer a range of fidget spinners, very popular amongst youngsters.

A recent addition to our range are our Promotiional Bubble Poppers, designed to simulate bubblewrap popping without the waste! Trending on Tiktok, these fidget devicea are bound to entertain all ages.

Plush Toys With Branding

Another famous pick of the season are our soft toys; we have a choice of pandas, lions, plush dogs, forgers, dorky ducks, cows, elephants, bulls, sharks, cuddly crocodiles, tigers, monkeys, unicorns and owls with hoodies and bandanas.

Personalised Retro Toys

Other than these, we have the perfect branded vintage wooden yoyo or even the flashing light yo-yos for give away. We offer balloons, beach balls (in a variety of sizes), bouncing balls, cricket bats, bubble kits and even card decks. All customised to project your brand logo.

Promotional Puzzles

Puzzles like our pocket-sized Custom Tile Sliders are a fun way to pass the time, and quite cost-effective to boot. Most New Zealanders would enjoy spending time solving one of these at a convention or conference.

If you're keen to get your organisation noticed using quirky toys and puzzles then give the team at Fast Promotional Products NZ to learn more about our range!