Like most of us, you probably do the majority of your writing on a laptop or desktop computer these days, but still, the pen is ubiquitous. It just goes to show the pen really is mightier than the Word… OK, that’s a terrible, terrible joke and I’m sorry!

Top 3 Promotional Pen Ideas

But don’t stop reading! Awful humour aside, the fact that pens are still so widely used in our modern world of cutting-edge technology says a lot about the way our minds work and the incredible functionality of the pen. For these reasons, they still make truly fantastic promotional merchandising options.

But with so many different types and models available, it can be tricky to know what’s best for your needs. Well don’t worry, we’ve picked out 3 promotional pens that we think you’ll love. Let’s start with...

Corporate Gift Idea

This stylish corporate pen is perfect for standing out from the crowd. It’s classy, elegant, and well suited to corporate branding. With an optional gift box or velvet sleeve, you can even increase the sophistication.

Cheap and Reliable

Exactly what you need for everyday use, this colourful metal ball pen puts a modern twist on the old classic ball-point. With a soft rubber grip and chrome trim, it comes in a choice of seven colours.

Something Unique

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, this magnetic fridge pen could be just what you’re after. And as an added bonus, because it’s magnetic you’ll never lose it! (OK, you will, but at least you can grab a snack from the fridge while you’re looking for it).

As well as these 3 crackers, we offer a huge range of customisable pens, from novelty to metal and plastic, for you to choose from. Browse our selection now!