Flash drives are one of the most popular and useful items of promotional merchandise available. The handy little memory sticks can be attached to customised key rings making them easy to transport, or mounted in corporate pens, making them twice as useful and something that’s eye-catching and just a little bit different too. And they come in a variety of sizes, capacities and speeds, so there’s an option for every need and budget.

USB Memory Key Speeds

What is USB Memory Key Speed?

The biggest question many people have with USB flash drives is ‘how much storage does it have?’ But you should pay attention to the speed of the device too. This determines how quickly the USB stick can read and write data. Reading data speed is how quickly something can be opened from the flash drive. Write speed is how quickly something can be saved to it.

The speed is given in Mbps which stands for Megabits per seconds. Speeds for the flash drives on the market today vary from around 30 Mbps up to many hundreds of Mbps. And generally speaking, the higher the speed, the quicker your memory stick will be able to transfer your files.

Does USB Storage Size Matter?

Simply put, the larger the memory of the device – measured in GB, or gigabytes – the more information it can hold. However, normally this will have no noticeable effect on the speed. Options with smaller memory will, of course, be cheaper, while the largest capacity flash drives will allow you to store an enormous amount of data.

Don't Overthink It!

For most people just wanting to move the odd file here and there, speeds and storage sizes shouldn’t be a huge worry. Our simple 4GB memory key option is all most people will need.