Branded stationery is the backbone of any company’s promotional marketing merchandise offering. It’s a go-to item for all manner of events and is a fantastic and cost-effective way of getting your businesses branding and information out there, promoting your company, and giving customers and potential customers the right impression.

Stationery Branded for NZ

It’s always worth making sure your office stationery cupboard is well-stocked with the basics.You never know when an opportunity for a little bit of old fashioned promotional marketing is going to present itself! We’ve highlighted a few key items we think almost any business should always have to hand.

Branded Writing Instruments

How many times in your life have you scrambled to find a pen? How many branded pens from other companies do you have around your home or office? Even in this digital age, pens are as useful, and as used, as they’ve ever been.

From ​metal​, ​plastic​ and ​novelty pens​ to ​pencils​ and ​highlighters​, stocking up on these basics will mean you’re always prepared and ready to pass them out, and make a good impression.Plus, you’ll always know where to find a pen when you need one!

Promotional Note Paper

A pen is no use without something to write on, so you should make sure you’re well stocked in this area too. ​Notebooks and notepads​ are, of course, an essential, but you might want to consider other handy stationery items such as ​sticky notes, which are one of the most in demand items in lots of offices

Don't Forget The Extras!

You might think branded stationery is always the same: just pens and notepads. But you can inject a little bit of fun and personality into your marketing repertoire with items like ​card holders​, rulers​ and ​pencil cases​. And best of all, all these items are easy to personalise with your branding, logo, and details!