Smart, elegant, and warming, the scarf is a staple of winter wardrobes up and down the country. Their versatility is one of their major strengths: they can be worn with coats, smart wear, or just jeans and a sweatshirt, and add a little something to every outfit.

We stock a ​wide range of custom scarves​ that are perfect for all sorts of promotional activities, so let's learn more about where they come from and the different types available.

Colourful Scarf NZ

The History of Custom Scarves

Evidence shows that scarves date back to ancient times. A ninth-century BC Assyrian sculpture of King Ashurnasirpal II was found in the ancient city of Nimrud in the mid 19th century, and it depicts the royal wearing a shawl. In Ancient Rome, men wore scarf-like items called ​focale around their necks to wipe away sweat during hot weather. Scarves have also been worn by armies during the ages as symbols of rank.

Different Types of Scarf

For winter wear, a woollen scarf is typical, while scarves worn in warmer, drier climates tend to be made from a lighter material, and the scarf will often cover the nose and mouth as well as the neck. Much like ties, there are many different ways to tie a scarf including the square knot, the ascot knot, and the loop.

Why Use Promotional Scarves?

Scarves make a great promotional item, particularly at this time of year when clients and potential customers will be feeling the chill. Scarves are easy to customise and you can coordinate colours around your branding. They are lightweight making them easy to package and ship, and you might be surprised at how low our prices start. We also stock scarves as part of our branded ​winter gift sets​ which include hats or gloves as well, giving you another option when it comes to winter merchandising.