In 2008, Daniel Evans of the United Kingdom set a Guinness World Record for the largest collection of different mouse mats. The number he had amassed was a quite staggering 3,673. You don’t need to go to those kinds of lengths, but custom mouse mats are still a mainstay of offices and home offices all around the world. And for that reason, they still make fantastic items for branded merchandise.

Which Came First?

It’s an age-old question which has bothered thinkers for generations, which came first, the mouse or the mouse mat? OK, it isn’t quite, but it is a question that points to the special relationship between mouse and pad because each needs the other to be truly useful. See, there is a philosophical element to this!

The Development of Mouse Mats

Both the mouse and its trusty sidekick the mouse mat date back to the 1960s. They were unveiled at the ‘Mother Of All Demos’, a name retroactively applied to a landmark computer demonstration held in San Francisco in 1968. A whole host of new computer software and hardware was unveiled at the event, landing it a place in IT legend.

Crucial for the functional and optimal running of a mouse, the mouse pad was then designed and marketed by Jack Kelley of the American office equipment firm Herman Miller.

A Range Of Custom Options

You might be surprised to hear that mouse mats have moved into the 21st century. We stock the traditional rectangle model , but if you’re looking for a promotional product that offers a little bit extra, you should consider this high-tech model that charges your phone wirelessly as you use it!