Are you ready to hear something that’s a little bit mind blowing? An insight report published by the World Economic Forum calculated that there were 4,761,000 mobile phone numbers in use for New Zealand’s population of 4,500,000, with 111.1 connections for every 100 New Zealand citizens. And that was in 2013 – that number, you would imagine, can only have grown.

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Mobile phones have revolutionised pretty much everything in our lives, from how we keep in touch with our friends and family, to how we do business and even how we relax. There’s very little it seems, our mobiles can’t do for us. So we thought we’d treat everyone’s handy mobile companion to a couple of great picks for branded accessories.

Wireless Custom Gifts

Since the invention of the mobile phone, it’s futuristic feel has been weighed down by the humble charger, the anchor that keeps your device chained to your desk or bedside table once a day. But now there is another way.

Compatible with phones that support QI wireless charging, these branded wireless chargers will free your phone from the clawing grab of cables, making your mobile phone just a little bit more mobile.

Promotional Bluetooth Speakers

And play anywhere, with these customisable and compact bluetooth speakers. Not only do they look great, but they’re waterproof, making them perfect for the beach, the pool or outdoor events, and provide up to 4-5 hours of playback from a single charge