The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in all sorts of ways. From making facemasks a part of daily life to introducing the concept of social distancing, it has ushered in new aspects of normal life that are here to stay.

Of course, good hygiene has always been important, but for businesses the increased focus on safety and wellbeing – for staff, customers, partners and the general public – should be seen as a good thing, an opportunity even. It’s a chance to do your bit to help, and also to engage in some promotional work.

Hand Sanitiser for Hygiene

Logo Decorated Hand Sanitisers

All sorts of infectious diseases can spread through contact with contaminated hands, but hand sanitizer can be a useful tool to stop that transmission. As a product, it’s in demand, and it also offers a real easy and affordable way to customise a product with your branding.

These bulk branded 60ml hand sanitizers are a great size, and can be easily customized with your company’s branding, logos and messaging.

Keeping Clean On-The-Go

Hand sanitizer doesn’t have to just sit on a desk or in a bathroom – though they’re both great places to have your branding on show. But with these super convenient promotional pocket hand sanitizers you’ll be sending your business out into the world, spreading your ideas and products.

They fit perfectly into pockets, handbags and backpacks, so you can spread your message and stop the spread of disease.

And if you want to do something a little bit different, how about these sanitizer keyrings or these fun card-shaped hand sanitizers? Saving the world doesn’t have to be boring