They say your home is your castle, and it’s true. A 2019 Global Market Insights Inc report predicted that home improvement spending will exceed 1,660 billion NZD by 2025. Thankfully you don’t have to spend that kind of money to give your customers some great promotional items for the home that they’ll really appreciate.

Promotional Gifts for the Home

The key here is to give them things they need but won’t have thought of buying themselves. You know, those little items that just make life easier but often get overlooked. That way your brand will be the one that comes to the rescue in all manner of domestic emergencies, and that’s a big win!

Promotional Oven Mitts

I’ve burned my hands enough times trying to get dinner out of the oven using only a tea towel for protection to know the value of a good set of baking mitts. These beauties are made from heat resistant neoprene and can be branded in full colour so not only will you be saving the hands of your customers, but you’ll be making them look good in the kitchen too.

Customised First Aid Kits

Perfect for fixing all sorts of bumps and scrapes, this first aid set comes with bandages and alcohol pads to get everyone – from kids to grown-ups – back up and running.

Logo Branded Scissors

Wrapping presents, cooking, opening packages… scissors have so many uses. But like pens, when you need them, they’re often nowhere to be found. Our scissors even come in a handy customisable storage case so they can be safely put away in drawers and cupboards.