The conference is the hunting ground for the marketing professional. Sure they’re hectic, exhausting and an assault on the senses, but they’re also a great place for companies to do business and to try and reach out to new customers. And with a little bit of preparation and the right promotional giveaway you can make your next conference a real success.

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Organising Your Conference Gifts

So you’ve got your conference stand sorted. Your banners have arrived, your team is ready for the day, everything is all set. Now it’s time to get marketing and start pulling in those clients, and nothing lures in conference attendees like a good promotional giveaway!

Generally speaking, a successful promotional giveaway falls into one of two categories: useful or fun. Either give people something that will be helpful while they’re at the conference or give them something to smile about.

A Personalised Helping Hand

It’s a promotional giveaway classic, and with good reason, but branded pens – whether plastic , metal or novelty – are an essential giveaway at a conference. People need them, they hang on to them for the day, and more often than not, they take them away with them, meaning your brand now occupies a place in their home or office.

Likewise, office supplies like customised notepads are a great useful promotional idea because everyone needs them, and they get used. It’s that simple.

Fun, Funky Custom Products

There is scope for giveaways to be fun AND useful though. Consider giving away promotional stress balls. They’re a novelty, but they’re also really handy, and the sort of thing people will gladly leave a conference with.