Confession time: I can’t function without caffeine. Believe me, I’ve tried. If I even attempt to work without a cup or two (or three) of coffee in the morning, I quickly grind (excuse the pun) to a halt.

And I’m not alone. A 2017 study by market research company Canstar Blue revealed that 52% of Kiwis will go out of their way to get a good cup of coffee, with 29% of us believing that we drink too much of the black stuff.

Coffee Pods for Promotional Cups

Coffee is big business too. On average, coffee drinkers in New Zealand spend $710 a year on satisfying their craving.

If all of this doesn’t convince you of the potential for some java-related promotional merchandise, you need to wake up and smell the coffee!

Preparing Coffee the Traditional Way

Making a good cup of coffee is a skill and it needs the right kit. OK, instant coffee is as easy as it gets, but for something richer, tastier, and smoother, you need the right equipment.

We’ve got custom branded coffee plungers in both 850ml and 350ml sizes that can be customised with your branding – a great way to get your company in front of people every morning and give them a great-tasting cup of coffee.

Thermal Mugs Just For You

Now you’ve put a great drink into your customer’s hands, how are they going to keep it warm? The answer: promotional thermal mugs. Perfect for keeping coffee warm on the drive to work, or while it sits on your desk and waits for you to need it.

Eco-Friendly Product Solutions

Disposable coffee cups are a blight on the environment. Luckily reuseable coffee cups provide a great solution. Plus you can customise them with your branding, making them stylish and conscientious.