Everyone gets a bit stressed from time to time. When those frustrated feelings strike, it’s useful to have a way of dealing with them that doesn’t involve screaming. Enter the promotional stress ball, the squidgy, squashy companion who will help you get rid of all that pent-up anxiety.

Stress Ball History

Who Invented The Promotional Stress Toy?

In 1988 a TV writer named Alex Carswell had a eureka moment. After a stressful conversation with his boss, Carswell threw a pen in frustration that smashed a picture of his mother that was on his desk. It gave him an idea: what if I had something soft I could chuck around to vent without the risk of breaking anything?

And voila , the stress ball was born. A few years later and they had evolved to be squeezed rather than thrown, but the stress ball was here to stay.

Do Stress Balls Work?

When you feel stressed your body tenses up. Squeezing a stress ball allows the body to release some of that tension, helping you to relax. The squeezing motion is also a good boost for your circulation, and the repeated gripping and releasing motions help build the muscles in your hands.

Stress balls are often used in physical therapy to help people with arthritis or other mobility issues in their arms. Some scientific tests have also linked the use of stress balls to improved levels of concentration and focus.

So Many Stressball Options!

Bulk stress balls remain hugely popular and they’re so easy to customise with different colours and designs, making them a fantastic promotional item for your brand.