Dining al fresco when the weather is good isn’t just a delightful experience, there’s plenty of studies that show it is good for us too. From increased vitamin D production from being out in the sun to the stress-reducing qualities of simply getting outdoors, swapping the dining table for the picnic table is good for the body as well as the soul.

With the New Zealand weather being the unpredictable beast that it is, however, a successful picnic needs a bit of equipment and a lot of planning. But don’t worry, we’ve picked out three products your picnic needs to be a hit.

Picnic Gifts for NZ Events

Logo Branded Blankets

You can’t have a picnic without a blanket, just like you can’t have a restaurant without tables and chairs. Blankets are essential to the picnic experience, and if the weather turns before you finish your sandwiches – and let’s be honest, it often does – they’ll keep you and your dining chums warm and dry too.

Check out our range of colourful picnic blankets with Velcro fastening and a handy carry handle, making them easily transportable to your favourite outside dining spot.

Custom Decorated Seats

The purists among you might argue that chairs have no place at a picnic, but for older diners, or anyone who just wants a bit more comfort, a chair is a great and practical way to ensure everyone can come along the next time you head out into the countryside for a feast on a sunny day.

This sturdy folding chair is perfect for kicking back, while these stools are a great space-saving option.

Personalised Chilly Boxes

You can bring all the home comforts you like, but your picnic isn’t going to be a hit if you can’t get your food and drink to your chosen spot fresh, chilled and delicious. And for that, you need a cool box, like this stylish retro cooler that even comes with a bottle opener on the side.

See, we’ve thought of everything!