Promotional marketing doesn’t have to mean building your brand through everyday office essentials. There is nothing wrong with this type of marketing, in fact, it’s one of the most important and effective ways to get your business out there, but there are other ways to get your brand out in front of your customers and all those potential new clients.

Encouraging people to get outdoors and get some fresh air is a great way to build awareness in your brand. It also shows that your company is aware enough to be encouraging us all to get out, exercise, and have fun. So we’ve highlighted four fun outdoor activity promotion ideas you should consider.

Promotional Frisbee Flyers

These ​custom flying discs​ were hugely popular in the 1970s and 1980s, and are still much loved today. They can be used for all sorts of games, are great at the beach or the park, and are as big a hit with our four-legged friends as they are with us!

Customised Pedometers

Over the last few years, the daily quest for 10,000 steps has become a goal loads of us strive for. There’s loads of health advantages to walking, from getting some fresh air to improving your physical fitness and mental wellbeing, it’s true that a good walk fixes all sorts of ills.

These ​nifty little pedometers​ are a greay way to monitor all those miles you’re putting in, too.

Branded Skipping Ropes

Skipping provides a fairly intensive full body workout and also improves hand to eye coordination and your footwork – no wonder it’s so popular with boxers. With these ​brandable skipping ropes​, you can get your customers fighting fit too.

Small Rugby Balls Custom

It wouldn’t be New Zealand without a bit of rugby, would it? These ​fun-sized rugby balls​ will turn any office or living room into a pitch – so let the games begin!