I think you’d struggle to find many people who would disagree with this: 2020 has been a heck of a tough year so far. So perhaps now is the perfect time to inject a little bit of the old feel-goods into your promotional marketing. To that end, we’ve picked out a selection of our favourite novelty promotional items that we think can put a smile on the faces of your clients, customers, employees and the public, and get your brand out there in a variety of fun and engaging ways.

Unique Novelty Shark Toy

Promotional Hacky Sacks

Games are great for getting people together and having fun. We’ve ​blogged​ before about ​custom hackysacks​ and how they can be used for all sorts of games and exercises both indoors and outside. Just be careful if you’re playing near anything breakable!

Logo Branded Unicorn Toys

This ​cute cuddly toy unicorn​ with a branded bandana is a wonderful gift for kids and grownups alike. I mean who doesn’t love unicorns? They’re magic for crying out loud!

Customised Glitter Temp Tattoos

Now the separate worlds of glitter and tattoos have been perfectly combined with these temporary ​glitter tattoos​. And the best part, because they’re temporary nobody will ever regret getting one.

Logo Emblazoned Stress Balls

Let off some steam with a satisfyingly crushable stress ball. They come in all sorts of fun and wacky designs, from ​lightbulbs​ to ​lightning bolts​ and ​sheep​ to ​dollar signs​.

Personalised Piggy Banks

And speaking of dollar signs, this ​piggy bank​ has a fantastic retro charm that will really appeal. Help your customers or employees to save for that dream purchase with these customisable gifts.

I Love NZ Badges

Show off your love for New Zealand with these ​I Love New Zealand badges​, great for giveaways at events, tradeshows, or as part of a campaign, perhaps for Waitangi Day?