Have you already come up with new promotional travel product ideas for 2022? If your brain is buffering as a result of our question, we can tell you right now that it's time to step up your travel-related marketing efforts as the rest of the world eases travel restrictions in an effort to reestablish trade, tourism, and travel.

In addition, regardless of the COVID-19 situation, people will still travel for work, emergencies, and personal reasons. However, when deciding what promotional products to give away, you should consider the modern travelling of today, who expects a hassle-free and safe trip. So here are our top seven promotional gifts you may use for your next campaign:

Personalised Travel Gift Sets

You need to make sure you're comfortable, whether a seasoned traveller or a first-timer when you take a flight or a road trip. Thoughtful gifts like travel gift sets provide a layer of comfort when travelling. These deluxe gift kits typically come with a toothbrush, toothpaste, an inflatable neck pillow, a pen, and earplugs. Printing your logo on these gift packets for travellers will help you increase your brand's recognition on a global scale.

Branded Hand Sanitisers

Despite the relaxation of travel regulations, you should always put your health and safety first, especially while travelling abroad. For travellers, a card-shaped hand sanitiser is ideal. Because it fits in your purse, pocket, or wallet, you can carry it wherever you go, in addition to keeping your hands clean in public places. This compact branded disinfectant also gives you ample space for your colour-printed logo.

Portable Logo Water Bottles

Be the company that encourages customers to use less single-use plastic items by giving away retractable water bottles. Who doesn't get thirsty while travelling? Personalised portable water bottles don't take up much space because they can be flattened and kept in a suitcase when not in use. It also has a safety cap and a leak-proof pull-open cap. It's a practical gift with branding features.

Promotional Pill Boxes

Travellers who require maintenance always bring their medications with them. According to WebMD, it is ideal for keeping medicines in carry-on bags for safety and easier access. This is where a branded pill box comes in handy because of its compact size. It is made of clear, non-toxic plastic that easily pops open and snaps shut. Through pad printing, your brand is also imprinted on the product's most noticeable area.

Wireless Phone Chargers

It's obvious why a wireless phone charger is necessary, travelling or not. Personalised wireless chargers are now available in various designs compatible with all higher models of smartphones. There are resin square wireless mobile chargers with a capacity of 5 watts that allow a full-colour printing of your design. If you want an eco-friendly choice, you can give away customisable 5W bamboo wireless chargers with stands.

Universal Travel Adapters

Besides smartphones, you also need the means to recharge your other gadgets, which requires plugging in a mains adapter. The perfect promotional item for this is a universal travel adapter that you can use everywhere outside of Australia or New Zealand. This kind of travel adapter has several pin configurations that enable it to be used in numerous countries. The promotional product also complies with international standards.

Custom Printed Travel Organisers

It's easy for our gadgets to become cluttered while we're on the go because of all the devices we carry. For travellers, a tech travel organiser is an excellent promotional gift. Custom giveaways like these can store cables, chargers, adapters, earbuds, power banks etc. Besides helping your consumers avoid losing their gadgets, this product is a great way to promote your company's brand wherever its recipient goes.

We hope this list will be helpful to you as you plan your upcoming travel-themed promotional marketing campaign. If you're interested in our promotional travel gifts, speak to our team of experts. Or get an obligation-free quote for branded travel products to promote your brand.