When it comes to giving high quality corporate gifts you can't beat premium pens. When we talk about premium pens we're talking about proper brand names, established luxury brands that add significance to your gifts. Fast Promotional Products NZ stocks exquisite personalised pens from Lamy and Pierre Cardin, well-known manufacturers of classy writing instruments. So if you're keen to make a mark with pens you'll want to check out our range.

Luxury Brands at Great Prices

Lamy and Pierre Cardin are both incredible brands with really affordable buying options available on our website. Their pens offer unbeatable weights, smooth writing experiences, and overall classiness which is exactly what you want from premium marketing merchansdise.

We also add custom names or messages to the side of each pen using printing or laser etching techniques, ensuring your gift stands apart from cheaper fare. Luxury packaging options are also available, so you can be confident your pens will look the part.

Customised Gifts for Staff and Clients

If you're unsure which premium pens might suit your personalised gifting campaign, then why not go with our best-sellers? Our top picks for Lamy and Pierre Cardin include:

  • Lamy Logo Pens come in classic colours and boast 8000 metres of writing ink and a tungsten carbide ball for a smooth writing experience.
  • Lamy Rollerball Pens a classy option with a true roller ball tip for superior writing and handling.
  • Pierre Cardin Noblesse Pens are brass ball pens that offer truly luxurious handling and etch nicely with your logo.
  • Pierre Cardin Calais Pens are a popular business option because they have the traditional look and feel of a premium ball pen.

If you're still not sure which pen style suits your campaign or message, then speak with our experienced team for tailored pricing and recommendations. When New Zealanders want quality brand name pens with refined personalisation they use Fast Promotional Products NZ.