Branded pens are the bread and butter of the promotional merchandise world. Every business that cares about marketing should have a solid supply of branded pens just waiting to find their way into clients’ hands.

Laser Etched Metal Pen

Plastic promotional pens are great. They’re low cost, useful and easy to customise. But if you want to add an edge of quality to your branded merchandise, custom metal pens really are the way to go. They look better, they feel better, and they show your customers that you're all about quality.

Can They Be Customised?

Unlike with plastic pens, printing on to metal pens doesn’t work very well. Thankfully there’s an alternative: laser engraving. If that sounds a bit high tech, that’s because it is!

The Power Of The Laser

Laser engraving works by concentrating a laser – which stands for Light Application by Stimulated Emission of Radiation – through a series of mirrors that direct the beam to a concentrated point on the surface of the object you want to engrave.

The heat of the laser then cuts through the surface of the pen revealing the hidden metal layer underneath. With our pens this is typically bronze or silver, giving your metal pens a premium look and feel. And it can’t be rubbed off.

Added Consistency For Added Value

This process means that there’s no risk of inconsistency across products – ink can’t run out midway through and there are no components that will need replacing, giving a superb finish to every single item you order from us.