There’s very little in life to match the intense frustration of not being able to find your keys. No matter where you leave them, irrespective of how safe the space you choose to keep them is, regardless of how certain you are that you put them in your bag, when you need your keys, they’re almost always nowhere to be found.

The keyring is, of course, on the frontline in the fight against lost keys. A convenient and secure way of not just keeping your keys together, but also of making them easy to find in packed bags, pockets, or just around the house. These days, though, the keyring can do so much more too. We’ve picked out three of the best multifunctional keyrings that make for brilliant promotional items.

Promotional Tyre Gauge Keyrings

This is a great example of unique and useful merchandise. A tyre gauge keyring could potentially even save the life of one of your customers. It’s the kind of handy gadget people will forget about until they need, so having it on a keyring makes great sense as you’ll never be without it.

Branded Charging Cable Keyrings

Smartphones are incredible. They’ve changed the way we all live our lives, allowing us to keep in touch with each other and the world in a way that would have seemed pure science fiction just a couple of decades ago.

But they’re not without their pitfalls, and as anyone who owns a smartphone will know, keeping them charged up isn’t always straightforward, and being stuck without battery when you need it is a modern-day nightmare. That’s where these cable keyrings come in. Never again will you find yourself with a dead phone thanks to these ingenious inventions.

Custom Multitool Keyrings

What’s better than a promotional keyring that does something useful? A promotional keyring that does SEVEN useful things. This fantastic multitool contraption boasts a small knife, a bottle/can opener, a fish scaler/hook remover, two Allen keys, two Phillips screwdrivers, two conventional screwdrivers, and a magnetic port that securely holds the selected tool. And it fits snugly in the palm of your hand. Genius!