Tote bags aren’t just useful and environmentally friendly – they’re also fashionable. Over thelast few years, all sorts of celebrities have been pictured with their favourite tote bags, while everyone from high street chains to high-end designer labels have released tote bags of their own.

You don’t need to spend Hollywood levels of money either to produce your own branded,lightweight, versatile and strong tote bag. We offer a huge range of tote bags, at a variety o fprice points, to help you source the product that’s right for you.If you’re looking for some inspiration though, we’ve picked out a selection of our favourite brandable tote bags that we think have plenty of star appeal of their own.

Full Colour Printed Tote Bags

This larger tote bag​ comes in at 30 x 41 x 15 cms and features a large gusset and binding onthe edges for added strength. The handles, binding and stitching are available in 16 colours but,best of all, this bag’s sides are fully customisable meaning you can completely brand the whole bag turning it into a mini walking billboard.

This gives you the chance to get creative with your marketing and develop something truly eye-catching that really drives awareness of your brand.

Colourful Folding Shopper Totes

At the opposite end of the size scale is this clever ​compact tote bag​. When it’s not being used, it can be folded down to a small pouch making it easy to carry or store. When in use, the storage pouch functions as a pocket for the bag. On top of all that, it also has 16 colour options for the handles, binding and stitching, and it too can be fully customised with full-colour branding on both sides.

Classic Cotton Calico Branded Bags

You can’t beat the classics though, and the definitive tote bag remains simple branded cotton bags.We stock ​cotton tote bags in all sorts of styles and sizes​ so there’s bound to be something that works for you.