As the nights get darker, and the days get colder, it’s important to remember to set aside some time and energy for your own wellbeing. The changing seasons can be tough, and it’s hugely important – arguably now more than ever – that we all focus that little bit of extra attention on our physical and mental health. And you can extend that hand to your staff, clients, and customers with our top three picks for essential winter wellbeing gifts. Each one is a great way to show your business cares.

Winter Promotional Gifts

Promotional Lip Balms

If you’re out and about on windy days you may start to feel the discomfort of chapped lips. This can be incredibly painful if left untreated, but it’s actually very easy to keep chapped lips at bay. Promotional lip balms create a waterproof barrier over your lips keeping precious moisture in. They make great promotional items because they’re small which makes them easy and cheap to ship, but can still be customised.

Bulk Hand Sanitiser

Good hygiene is absolutely essential at all times, but if you’re running a big event or tradeshow in the future then branded hand sanitiser is something you should consider. Branded hand sanitisers kill germs and bacteria giving your attendees or gift recipients reassurance and peace of mind, things which, in these uncertain times, can be a boost for their health and wellbeing.

Logo Decorated Pedometers

Walking has an enormous range of benefits for both your physical and mental wellbeing and, best of all, it’s suitable for all ages and all fitness levels. According to the Ministry of Health, regular walking can help to reduce the risk of certain health-related conditions, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain cancers. It even improves your self-esteem, stress levels, and overall health and wellbeing.

Add an extra aspect to those strolls with a smart custom pedometer, perfect for counting calories, steps, and distance, and getting your brand some exposure.