I think it’s fair to say that 2020, as years go, was a bit of a stinker. But it’s gone now, consigned to the history books, and we’re looking forwards. 2021 is  halfway over already, and I think we are all still determined to make it a far better year than last year.

So why not show your employees how grateful you are for all their efforts over a hugely challenging twelve months with a thoughtful gift? Something that will be genuinely useful, and put a smile on their face. We’ve picked out three great gifts that we think we will do just that.

Personalised Headphones

Headphones are a premium product that will really show how much you value your team. We stock a huge range of options, from these wireless, bluetooth over-ear models to these tiny in-ear buds in a handy travel case. So give the gift of music and put a spring in everyone’s step!

Custom Outdoor Gifts

Now that lockdown is done and dusted and we’re all able to get into the great outdoors again, there’s never been a better time to enjoy some al fresco dining with a good old fashioned picnic! We’ve got everything you could need for your outdoor dining adventure, from these stylish and well stocked day out picnic bags to camping chairs and promotional stools – perfect for putting your feet up – and these lovely and warming fleece picnic blankets. Bon appetit!

Logo Branded Coffee Items

The years go by, but some things don’t change, and for most of us, that early morning coffee pick me up is just one such thing. So help your team to start their day right with these stylish and essential 350ml coffee plungers. You never know, you might see a bit more energy around the office as a result