There’s nothing like a last-minute event or conference request to get an office panicking. Phones ringing, photocopiers ablaze with deadline-busting agendas, the coffee pot suddenly on overdrive; it’s a manic environment, and one I think most workplaces experience more often than you might think.

Last Minute Promotional Gifts

Whatever your business and however you operate, having a steady supply of branded marketing essentials is always a good idea for these kinds of scenarios. You never know when the chance to make a good impression might suddenly arise. And when it does, it pays to be prepared.

Logo Branded Event Pens

Branded pens have been the go-to marketing giveaway for decades. But even in this modern age of digital technology, they’re as useful – and as used – as they’ve ever been. As a test, how many of you reading this at your desk has a branded pen within reach? I’d imagine quite a few. We offer metal pens, promotional plastic pens and novelty pens, all of which can be customised, so there’s no reason not to have these ready to go.

Smart Promotional Stationery

Another staple of promotional merchandising is branded stationary. From notepads and notebooks to logo printed sticky notes, office supplies like this are always in demand.

Personalised Clothing for Expos

Pens and stationery are great, but another fantastic way to get your brand out there and in front of people is through branded clothing. Bulk custom T-shirts, hats and bags can all be fully customised with your logos and branding, transforming customers into walking billboards for your company.

So stock up now. You’ll be glad you did when the next marketing crisis strikes!