The last two years has forced us to take a whole new approach to eating outdoors. With socially distanced picnics now on the agenda for many again, going the whole way with blankets, picnic sets and appropriate picnic accessories, in outdoor spaces, can be made easier with the right picnic set this summer.

Summer Time Picnic Set

Promotional Gifts for New Zealanders

Whether you need a simple set for transporting your own picnic paraphernalia and food, or something to hold the full works, including glasses, plates, cutlery, a bottle opener, cool bags and more, we have them all.

There are multiple benefits of choosing branded picnic sets as your promotional products for your marketing campaigns and publicity events. These branded items are distinctive, so they will stand out and increase your company's visibility.

Branded Picnic Product Options

Our website has several carrying options which available for picnic sets, depending on the design and style of the carrier bag. Some models might have more than one option. Therefore, you should evaluate and find the most suitable match. Handles are the most common carrying features installed on the picnic sets. They are elegant and easy to handle for short distances. Shoulder straps to sling straps; choose whatever works well for your picnic cooler bags, picnic sets, blanket or beach towel sets.

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Branded promotional picnic sets are perfect for building healthy relationships with your valued customers, esteemed stakeholders and talented employees. They are functional for outdoor personal and corporate events, so there will be opportunities for increasing brand visibility. Moreover, these promotional materials will help your business display its adventurous nature.