'Tis the season to buy work from home promotional gifts! Even if the holidays are still months away, you don't need to wait until then or until a particular occasion to buy gifts for your remote workers. These WFH presents are intended to increase morale and improve workplace culture.

Virtual gifts for coworkers can also help to improve their home office setup, making them more productive. Let's have a look at some of the best remote employee appreciation gifts below, whether it's something practical or just something that would brighten their day:

Personalised Selfie Lights

Influencers aren't the only ones using promotional selfie lights. Branded ring lights are useful if your home office isn't fortunate enough to have natural light. You'll notice an improvement in how you look if you attach this to your laptop or smartphone before joining the conference call. Custom selfie ring lights are also portable and rechargeable, making them easy to carry wherever you go.

Custom Wireless Earbuds

Custom wireless earbuds are a remote work essential. While you're on the phone or listening in, these promotional mobile audio devices help you keep an ear out for noise providing maximum comfort. It also has a sleek carry case with a built-in power supply to recharge the earbuds. More importantly, you can personalise budget-friendly promotional earbuds by printing your message or logo.

Stress Relief WFH Gifts

There are several gifts for remote workers that might help reduce the stress that comes with being cooped up in a home office. Popular promotional WFH gift ideas are stress balls and hot/cold packs. Customised stress balls aren't just in the shape of a ball nowadays. Instead, stress balls can look like a coffee cup, ship, paintbrush, dog, brain, and bulbs.

On the other hand, you can utilise logo-branded hot and cold packs to treat swelling, bruises, and minor body aches, making them a must for any home or workplace. Promotional wellness and health items are a clever approach to taking care of your staff while effectively exposing your brand.

Big Drink Bottles

When you have a one-litre bottle of water on hand, it will be much easier to remember to stay hydrated during the workday. Also, thanks to large-sized custom vacuum bottles, you don't have to take several trips to the kitchen to refill them. These are stainless steel and can keep beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours. In addition to the home office, logo-printed vacuum insulated bottles can be used for exercise or running errands, increasing the visibility of your brand logo in public areas.

Desk Organisers

Another practical work from home gift idea is desk organisers like cable managers and phone stands. Device cables that are tangled up are unsightly and a fire hazard. A custom cable manager can help you solve this problem by mounting it on the wall and hanging the wires between popped-out beaded patterns.

Meanwhile, promotional bamboo phone stands are the ultimate solution to wobbly video conferencing sessions. Additionally, they are friendly to the environment and give you plenty of room to display your company's logo or design.

Start Your Promotional Work From Home Gift Shopping Today

We hope this list helped you find meaningful work from home gifts for your staff or recipients. If you're interested in our promotional remote employee giveaways, speak to our team of experts. Or get an obligation-free quote for WFH gifts to promote your brand.