Here’s one for the big kids out there. Custom toys and games might seem like a strange way to market a business. After all, it hardly presents your company as the sort of professional, serious, hard-working organisation you’ve worked so hard to build, does it?

But in reality, toys and games can be a brilliant way to build awareness of your brand. Toys and games are meant to be shared, to be played together, so they automatically become the sort of merchandising that can reach a far larger and wider audience than some more traditional forms of promotional products.

If you’re still on the fence, consider some of the great, customisable, and fun items we’ve picked out below that can also make for seriously effective marketing tools.

Promotional Soft Toys

Who doesn’t love a cuddly toy? We stock everything from owls to unicorns and koalas to elephants, in a huge range of bright and attractive colours. They’re the kinds of item that get put on desks, and they can easily be customised with your company’s logo.

Logo Printed Light Up Yo-yos

Loved by kids and adults alike, the yoyo is a classic and timeless toy. These incredible flashing light yoyos will illuminate your tricks – and your branding – in a dazzling way.

We can’t teach you how to walk the dog, throwdown, or the sleeper, though. (They’re all yoyo tricks in case you were wondering!)

Mini Custom Cricket Bat Toy

Now this is the kind of items that can get huge groups together. A custom mini cricket bat complete with your logo could be the centrepiece for table top games on the beach, in the park, or in back gardens and offices up and down the country. Now that sort of marketing reach has to be worth thinking about, doesn’t it?