Thankfully we as a society are now turning our backs on plastic shopping bags. In fact, New Zealand has been one of the countries at the very forefront of the fight against single use plastic bags and the damage they do to our planet.

With the decline in their use, we’ve also seen a rise in more sustainable options too. We’ve picked out three great options that are better for the environment, for shoppers, and for your business!

Shopping Bag Gift Idea

Promotional Heather Tote Bags

One of the key objections people have to tote bags is that they can look cheap. That’s not something you need to worry about with these promotional Heather Tote bags, which offer all the convenience of a normal tote bag, but with a more premium look and feel.

That doesn’t mean they cost the Earth either. You’ll be surprised how cost effective these can be, and how great they look when customised with your branding and logo

Big Paper Bags With Logo

Looking for something a little bit different? You, your staff, and your customers can shop till you drop with these personalised Super Big Paper Bags. They look amazing when customised with your choice of design, and are made from recycled paper, making them even better for the environment. Win!

Personalised Zipper Totes

Add an extra layer of security to your promotional shopping bags with these Transparent Tote Zippered Bags. The zip closing on top keeps your things secure, while the transparent sides also make them really interesting (as well as making it easier to find what you’re looking for!). Best of all, they can still be customised with your choice of logo!