Promotional scarves are one of the best ways to advertise your company. Your signature branding colours can be added to any of our scarves, as well as your logo, symbol, or crest. Due to their practicality, custom scarves offer a long period of logo exposure for your company as they are likely to be retained by customers.

Ideal Gifts or Additions to Uniforms

Smart, elegant, and warming, the scarf is a staple of autumn wardrobes. Scarves are easy to customise and you can coordinate colours around your branding. They are lightweight making them easy to package and ship. Select from our range of Alaska Cable Knit Scarves, or the Promotional Vancouver Fleece Scarves. Brand the selected item with your logo and gift it this autumn or simply include it as an option part of your uniform for staff!

Your Logo on Useful Wearables

The best marketing tools are those that are used frequently by your clients and employees. There is no point spending money on products only to have them sit in the back of a drawer never seeing the light of day. The best thing about our custom scarves is that they very easy to wear, especially during our local cold snaps!

Custom Scarves in New Zealand

By adding your business name and creating a custom logo scarf, you’ll even be getting free advertising every time they are worn. That means if your staff is wearing them to and from work or on their lunch break, everyone who sees them in their personalised beanies or scarf will be automatically exposed to your brand. Invest in promotional branded neckwear items today to boost your business during the cooler months.