A well-stocked office is a well performing office, which is why people all over Aotearoa New Zealand love our customised office supplies. Why should your organisation invest in customised products for the office? Let’s take a look.

Everyday Office Essentials

Promotional Items People Need

Firstly, these products are an essential of day-to-day office work. Be it promotional calculators, pen holders, card/ ID holders, or badge holders, each is useful to the official and has a functional role in office life. Thus, your company’s logo gets placed pivotally and is noticeable.

Affordable Custom Merchandise

Secondly, these products are economical and won’t leave a dent in the pocket, hence making them an ideal for a company of any size. Thus, branded office supplies are the ideal way to bring your business into the workspace - whether it's to generate a bit of corporate pride in your own office atmosphere, or to help keep awareness of your company high among customers and clients. They're the corporate branded products no office can do without and we supply them custom decorated with your company logo!

Choose Your Branded Products

Promotional office essentials that we offer include items such as custom lanyards (woven, stitched, ones with emblems, cross), badge holders (magnetic, retracting, easy badges) and calculators that are used frequently in the workplace. When purchasing these items in bulk, you not only save money but you also invest in items your staff will utilise with pride.

Speak with our friendly customer care team today for more information on office supplies with your logo decoration!