Promotional mugs are traditionally used for drinking coffee, tea, or other hot drinks out of in the home or office. However, did you know that there are all sorts of fun alternate uses for coffee mugs? Today on the Fast Promotional Products blog we'll be looking at a few of our favourite examples.

mug with pens in it

Gift Containers

Psst! Tell this to your boss. If you're looking for creative packaging for your company giveaways, think outside the box. Yes, literally a box, and replace that box with a custom coffee mug. Reuse it to make a get-well gift and fill it with cough drops, a small packet of tissue, a tiny bottle of essential oil, candies, and herbal tea. Or a holiday gift pack and load it with sweets, lollies, jelly beans, and chocolates.

Scented Candles

All you need is candle wax, essential oils, and a wick. It is cheaper to make your candles than to buy them. You can also customise its smell the way you want it. Imagine how many scented candles you can create from your unused coffee cups. Give these away as a DIY Christmas gift to your family and friends.

Pots for Plants

For those with a green thumb, you don't need to look much farther than your kitchen cupboard for a plant pot! However, only small plants like herbs and cacti can fit in a custom coffee mug. You could give these as a housewarming or Mother's Day present, or you could start a new coffee cup planter collection!

Mug Cake Baking Tools

Do you crave a slice of chocolate cake but are too lazy to bake? We have a quick fix for that. It is no other than the mug cake! You only need five minutes to make one, from prepping to baking. If you don't like chocolate, try Oreo, chocolate-banana, vanilla, or coffee mug cakes instead! So don't throw away that unused coffee mug because it will help you satisfy your impromptu sweet tooth cravings.

Desk Organisers

With this hack, you're hitting two birds with one stone. You're not only decluttering your cupboard, but you're also organising your work desk using a unique custom desk organiser! Transform a custom coffee mug into a DIY pen holder by putting small stationery items. Moreover, you can also use it to store loose change, straws, small tools, sugar packets, and sewing supplies. All you need are some of your old personalised coffee cups to get your house in order!

Donated Gifts

Perhaps this is the most unpretentious way to recycle a custom coffee mug. You may help a homeless shelter or a nursing home by donating mugs that they can use to serve coffee and soup. Or you can give it away one cup at a time by handing a hot cup of cocoa or coffee to the guy who drives the snowplough. The same goes for your mail carrier, school bus driver, and trash collectors. They deserve a warm cuppa to reward them for their efforts.

Custom coffee mugs can be reused and recycled in various ways, as discussed above. A little creativity can help you avoid  logo-branded coffee mugs collecting dust in your home or workplace ever again.