How about this … by distributing branded lip balms, your company's name and logo, will ensure that your brand image is on “everyone's lips”! They are the perfect giveaways for this reason as well as many others. The product can be used throughout the year, in all seasons. An item useful to both genders and all age groups.

lip balm in use

Conference Gift Ideas

Our collection of lip balms is not only portable and handy but also come in a number of trendy designs. Being portable, they can easily slip into a pocket, briefcase or handbag, potentially advertising your brand wherever they use it.

You can select the sun protection lip balm, available in a cylinder-shaped lipstick styled casing. We have a range a range of seven colours to offer in these lipstick styled balms. There is a choice between single side or double side.

Promote Your Company

So, whether you need to give an item to give away at a conference a meeting or an outdoor event, the customised lip balm is the perfect way to brand your company. Thus, proving a perfect promotional strategy to market your brand name.

Pocket Promotional Items

Other than the traditional lipstick-like balm sticks, we also offer the pocket gloss in circular compact containers perfect or the pocket once again. And another one in a rectangular casing with a ball of the balm placed inside. Very trendy to say. You can even select the perfumed version of the same.

Because of the vast variety of these balms that we offer, our company can help you determine the best fit for your corporate image and your company’s budget .