The most up to date use for a custom lanyards is for promotions and affordable publicity. They can be customised with any design, they cost effective, and they provide an important everyday function by holding staff or visitor IDs for easy access. The branding on a lanyard, particularly at events and conferences, can increase your company’s exposure without the need for expensive publicity.

Lanyards for Brand Identity

Not only do branded logos work for promotional reasons, having a brand identity can convey a sense of professionalism and camaraderie amongst staff members, uniting them with a sense of purpose. Let’s face it, when they’re worn around the neck, brightly coloured lanyards are pretty hard to miss!

Print Techniques

There are many different ways to custom print onto lanyards; Screen printing on lanyards or sublimation full-colour print on them. Our lanyards may be enhanced with a number of different attachments such as pens, key rings, flash drives, time pieces etc. You may bulk order from our variety which includes blank lanyards, stitched or woven ones or even ones with emblems. We even have lanyards in a dog leash style.

Bulk Buying Corporate Lanyards

Full colour printed lanyards are the best option for complex designs, they can be accurately reproduced, giving you the best chance of being noticed. You have the choice of screen print or dye sublimated (also known as heat transfer) lanyards. Both are a similar price and extremely cost effective, especially when buying in bulk.