The Ministry Of Health recommends that all adults should “be active every day, in as many ways as possible”. It also says that adults should all “aim for at least 2 1/2 hours of moderate (or 1 1/4 hours of vigorous physical activity) spread throughout the week.”

For many of us, particularly those of us who work office jobs that mean we spend large portions of the day sitting at a desk, hitting these targets isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. But it’s important for our physical and mental wellbeing that we exercise, so to get the ball rolling, we’ve picked out some great athletic products to motivate us all to get moving.

Customised Pedometers

For many, the daily goal of hitting 10,000 steps is a good way to get in some exercise. With these customisable multi pedometers, you could instigate an office or company walking challenge that builds team morale and helps keep your team fit too.

Golfing Accessories

Business still happens on the golf course, and golf itself is a great way to stay fit. In fact, a round of 18 holes will almost certainly see you hit that 10,000 step goal in one go. Take your business to the links with these customisable golf tees – easy to brand and super affordable, imagine the power of being the first name your customers or clients see when they hit a hole in one!

Branded Gym Gear

According to the New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness, around 8 to 9% of us Kiwis are gym members. That’s about 400,000 people you could reach with a branded gym towel giveaway. You’ll gain from their gains!