Laptops have become an essential part of everyday life for New Zealanders at school and work alike. Customised laptop bags therefore make fantastic corporate gifts or student rewards. If you operate a polytechnic, university, or school then laptop bags may be worthwhile pieces of marketing merchandise for you to consider.

Dark Laptop Bag

Branded With Your Logo

The laptop bags in our range are not only designed to carry and transport laptop and tablet devices, keeping them covered and protected, but they also look fantastic after we've added your logo branding.

Personalised Corporate Rewards

Branded laptop bags can be awarded as a prize, or gifted as a giveaway at a conference, workshop or seminar. Customised laptop bags can serve as a publicity tool for those who travel regularly, like students and staff that commute to study and work.

Some of our top picks for promotional laptop bags that suit students and staff include these best-sellers.

Customised For You

You can choose different sizes, styles and colours. You can also choose what style of imprint you want for the company name or logo. Customisation is the name of the game here at Fast Promotional Products NZ and our friendly team can help you select the right bag for your team, no matter your requirements.