Lanyards are the lightweight, practical, and comfortable way to carry and display your work, conference, or event ID. For many of us, they’ve become part of daily life, grabbing a spot on the familiar leaving home checklist:

  • keys ✓
  • phone ✓
  • wallet or purse ✓
  • lanyard ✓

They can be worn around the neck, waist, or even the wrist and are normally branded with the logo and details of the business or organisation that issued them.

Custom Lanyards for Businesses

Where Do Custom Lanyards Come From?

The very first lanyards were worn in France during the 15th century. They were used by the military to fasten weapons to the uniforms of soldiers. In some scenarios, they were worn decoratively to denote status. The word lanyard even comes the French word ‘lanière’, which means ‘strap’.

The Benefits Of Branded Lanyards

There is a range of benefits to using lanyards in your business. Top of the list is the safety factor: it means everyone at your organisation will always be wearing and displaying their identification, something that can’t be underestimated. They’re also hands-free, and convey a professional look to your customers and competitors.

Why Your Business Should Consider Bulk Lanyards

Custom lanyards allow you to reap another big reward. By branding your lanyards, you're effectively advertising your business and building your brand’s identity subtly, easily, and cheaply. They don’t just have to hold identification cards either. You can use lanyards to hold bottles, branded flash drives, pens, guidebooks, and all sorts of other weird and wonderful things.

Have a look at our range of colourful customisable lanyards and think about what they could do for your business.