Branding is one of the most important words – and concepts – in business. It’s more than your company’s logo, colour scheme, social media presence, or strapline. These are all parts, but branding is so much bigger than that: it’s about your company’s identity, and how your customers interpret, experience and relate to it.

Promotional Branding Colour Options

Good branding sets companies apart from their competitors and makes rewarding, two-way relationships with customers possible. Bad branding, on the other hand, isolates your business, stranding you on a desert island with your customers far, far away.

So which kind of company do you want to be? And how can promotional products slot into your vision?

Consistent Marketing Messages

One of the goals of effective branding is to build familiarity among customers with your company. People tend to use businesses they know and trust, so you should be using your branding to develop this familiarity.

You achieve this through consistency. From your branded merchandise to your website, you need to make sure every thing you put your company’s name on carries that consistent branding throughout, from your choice of colours to the language you use to design layouts and beyond.

Choosing A Colour Palette For Your Brand

Research conducted by the Seoul International Color Expo shows that 85% of consumers highlighted colour as the biggest motivator for choosing a product, while a study carried out by the University of Loyola, Chicago, highlighted that colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%.

If you’re rebranding or starting a new business, make sure your colour palette aligns with your product. Consider your competitors, pay attention to the psychological impacts of colours, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Getting Your Branding Right

You shouldn’t rush your branding. Testing and developing is key when building a brand, and help to ensure you have concrete ideas behind what you are doing. Branding needs to filter down to every level of your organisation, and it’s never too late to improve.