Keeping your morning coffee warm while you negotiate the daily commute is a serious business. Nothing gets your day off to a worse start than arriving at the office to find your steaming hot cup of joe is now a tepid, leaky, offputting mess. These days there are all sorts of solutions to the problem.

Promotional travel mugs are now available in more shapes, sizes and materials than ever before. And they’re all great at keeping your drink hot, safe and spill-free. So what’s the best option out there?

Promotional Glass Cups

The Benefits of Glass

Glass has been around for thousands of years. There’s evidence to show that humans were making glass as long ago as 4000 BC – though probably not for the purpose of keeping their coffee warm.

And, to many of us, it still might not seem like the obvious choice for a travel mug. But there are actually loads of benefits to using glass for holding or storing food and drink. For starters, it is almost always chemically inactive – or inert – which means that it doesn’t react with other materials it comes into contact with. And it’s nonporous, so smells and flavours don’t soak into it like they can with some other types of container. It’s also easy to clean, ergonomic and almost always dishwasher safe.

Do Your Bit For The Environment

With the war on single-use plastics now hopefully making us all a little bit more eco-friendly, there’s never been a better time to ditch those throwaway paper coffee cups and invest in something that’s better for the planet. And branded glass cups tick this box too.

Promotional Style and Practicality

If you’re worried about a glass travel cup not looking the part, then you needn’t be. Glass can be moulded into all sorts of designs. We’ve picked out some of the very best for you, including these reusable 340ml mugs with colourful mix and match heat resistant silicone bands and lids, as well as glass mugs with cork bands, all with fast delivery throughout New Zealand.

Just don’t expect them to arrive with hot coffee in!