It's Summer in New Zealand which means it is the perfect time of year to promote your community or work event using logo branded drink bottles. Why do drink bottles make such excellent promotional products? There are 3 key factors that help these products stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Promotional Drink Bottles

3) There is a Diverse Range of Bottles Available

Whether you have a small budget or the corporate card on file, there's a drink bottle option that will suit your finances. Similarly, if you need a particular colour or style, we have a huge range of custom bottles available. Materials too; plastic, metal, glass -- whatever you want! Basically, if there's a style, colour, or price you need, then Fast Promotional Products NZ has the drink bottle for you. Few other products have so many options available locally in New Zealand and with branding too!

2) Promotional Drink Bottles Have Large Branding Areas

The bigger the branding area on a product, the larger your logo and design can be printed or engraved. Drink bottles offer some of the largest branding areas in our entire range, as many can be fully wrapped with your print allowing for patterns or complex designs to be showcased at their best and boldest.

1) Custom Drink Bottles are Reusable

These days, people want to do what's right by the environment on a larger scale than ever before. Rather than distributing flimsy promotional products that will be tossed into landfill after an event, try investing in branded drink bottles that can be reused for months and years to come. Glass and metal drink bottles, in particular, offer even better eco-friendly mileage as they are made from natural materials that provide better insulation than plastic. The Fast Promotional Products NZ team will add your logo to the bottles, whatever material you select, and your recipients will be sure to use them long after your event or campaign has ended.

So why not contact our friendly team today for tailored pricing and a free virtual mockup of your design on the drink bottle of your choice!