Branded USBs are here to stay, folks. According to GlobeNewswire, the market for USB flash drives is anticipated to be valued at around USD 7,126.1 million in 2021 and USD 1,0754.4 million by 2028. So, don't abandon your plans to use promotional USB flash drives to promote your business. But why do branded USBs continue to be effective marketing tools?

Data Transfer Security

Despite the emergence of cloud storage, USB sticks and cards remain the most favoured memory devices for personal and commercial use due to data transfer security. Based on a report from cloud infrastructure security company Ermetic, cloud data breaches are a shockingly prevalent occurrence.

Unlike the data stored on USB flash drives, which is not always available online unless you plug it in on a laptop or tablet, cyber hackers don't have access to it 24/7. Additionally, accessing your files does not require an internet connection, and data transfer is significantly quicker than using the cloud.

Offers Unique Brand Recognition

Customised USB memory devices come in different shapes and colours, allowing for imaginative ways to use them as a marketing tool. For example, traditional paper credit cards can now be replaced by USB cards, which are basically upgraded business cards. Key-shaped USB flash drives are also available for businesses in the automotive, real estate, and hospitality industries to give away as freebies or promotional handouts.

If you're generous enough, there are multifunctional pens with USBs you can give away where they also function as a stylus for touch screen gadgets and a writing tool. Due to their distinct appearance and capabilities, custom-branded USB cards and sticks leave the recipient with a strong impression of the business.

Portable and Eco-Friendly

Branded USB flash drives are a small but convenient promotional item in the world of technology. You can take these with you wherever you go because they're small enough to fit in your pocket, which means anyone can see your logo.

For example, use it when giving a client demonstration by whipping out the company-branded USB flash drive that contains your presentation. Just make sure you have a spare logo-printed USB flash drive on hand in case the client likes yours.

Promotional USB sticks are also good for the environment because they eliminate the need for paper in our daily lives. Branded thumb drives' memory capacities are larger than ever, making them a reliable backup storage tool. Instead of storing years' worth of reports in folders, consider using a USB drive to keep all of your files in one place and easily accessible at any time.

Additionally, eco-friendly USB sticks are now available, and some are encased in bamboo. These promotional products will earn you brownie points from your target audience once they see your custom-printed flash drives in a bamboo casing.

You can now understand how important and effective branded USBs are in your marketing strategy. They are environmentally friendly and portable advertising mediums that give exceptional brand recognition and solid data transfer security for years to come.

People of all ages use technology nowadays, and your business should follow suit by utilising custom USB flash drives as a promotional product.

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