It’s comforting to know that as technology continues to revolutionise so many aspects of our lives, some things don’t change. You can put umbrellas in this category. Despite being largely unchanged in design for decades, even centuries, you should still never leave home without one. They remain as popular as ever: it’s estimated that 33 million umbrellas are still sold every year in the USA alone. Promotional umbrellas are undoubtedly branded products that doesn't go out of style.

Promotional Umbrella Details

Types Of Custom Umbrellas

‘Umbrella’ is something of an umbrella term – all sorts of different models and types exist for a wide range of different markets and needs. From the larger golf brollies created to keep golfers dry on the course, to compact models for commuters that fit in your bag with ease, there’s a huge amount of choice when it comes to keeping the rain off.

All these models follow the same basic blueprint though.

So What Are The Key Components?

Well, starting with the obvious two: your umbrella wouldn’t be much use without the canopy, the dome that you shelter under when the heavens open. And the whole thing would be pretty tricky to manoeuvre without a handle, which is usually a straight or hook shape and is attached to the bottom end of the tube, or shaft.

The canopy is given its shape by ribs that run from the central opening cap at the top of the umbrella all the way down to the bottom of the canopy, or the tip. The canopy is opened and closed by moving the runner up or down, which in turn is connected to a series of stretchers that help the canopy move into position. The top spring prevents the runner moving too far down the tube, while the very top of the umbrella is sealed with a ferrule.

Spreading Your Branded Message

Now you know the anatomy of an umbrella, why not check out some of the great branded brollies we have available. Umbrellas remain an excellent option for branded marketing because they get everywhere, and are often displayed on packed city streets in front of crowds of people. OK, we can’t guarantee the rain, but hey, this is New Zealand, so it’s never far away!