You don’t need me to tell you that New Zealand is a sport-loving country. From rugby to cricket and football to sailing, Kiwis love nothing more than a bit of friendly competition and the great outdoors. In keeping with that spirit, we’ve picked out six fun and exciting items that would make fantastic branded gifts for all the sports lovers out there.

Custom Bulk Rugby Balls

Personalised Rugby Balls

Transform any office space or living room into Waikato Stadium or Eden Park and embrace your inner Dan Carter with these fun mini-sized rugby balls. Just don’t break anything!

Promotional Sweat Bands

You’re going to work up a sweat pretty quickly if you’re playing any sport in the summer months. The answer? These stylish lightweight branded sweatbands that use cooling towel technology to keep you comfortable when you compete.

Smart Pedometers

Logo decorated pedometers are clever little devices that count your steps as you go about your daily life – 10,000 steps have become a widely adopted daily target, but whatever your goals, anything that gets people moving and interested in their health and fitness has to be a good thing.

Custom Frisbees

They’re not just for clowning about in the park or at the beach, oh no. Frisbee sports are big business these days, with Ultimate Frisbee, freestyle, and disc golf (to name just a few) all surging in popularity.

Club Branded Golf Tees

Speaking of golf, the traditional version of the game is still hugely popular. Golf courses remain a go-to place for business deals and networking to take place, so these branded golf tees are a great way to get your business known.

Promotional Yoga Bands

Yoga is another health and fitness activity that has surged in popularity in recent years. It is thought to over 5,000 years old, and possibly originated with the Indus valley civilization around the year 3,000 BC. These yoga bands will help experienced yogis and newcomers alike.