Once the preserve of hikers, campers, and long-distance travellers, the thermal mug has now found its way into our offices, cars and homes. They’re playing an important role in leading the fight against disposable paper cups, and making us all a little bit more environmentally friendly with our choice of beverage.

But what makes a mug thermal? Well, its really just any mug that insulates your drink, keeping it warm or cold until you’re ready for it.

Vacuum Mugs Branded

Creating a Vacuum

It might seem like branded thermal mugs work by heating the liquid inside them through an element or bulb, but the reality is that the insulating quality is achieved through the use of a vacuum. This vacuum is created between two layers of the mug, normally the outer casing and an internal layer.

As there’s no air in a vacuum the liquid inside the mug can’t escape as there’s no air for the heat to transfer to. This also means that cold liquids inside the mug don’t gain heat as external heat can’t pass through the vacuum in the other direction and warm the mug’s contents.

Quality Materials

There are two main materials we use for making the insulating layers of promotional thermal mugs. Lower budget options tend to use plastic, while more premium products feature metal interiors, and some have metal exteriors too. Both options are easy to clean, while plastic is more lightweight and metal is more durable and long-lasting.

Promotional Drinkware

We’ve been talking about thermal mugs in this blog, but all these points apply to our wide range of thermal products, from mugs to bottles, and tumblers to flasks. There’s a huge range of different sizes and shapes available to suit your needs, and we can brand our products with your business logos, details, and contact information.