There’s something incredibly comforting about sipping on a nice cup of tea or coffee from your favourite mug. It’s like your favourite chair or pair of jeans – your own mug just feels right compared to the others. Everyone who is a tea or coffee drinker has a favourite mug, and they normally have a story attached. “I got it at…” or “It’s from…” – this is what makes them such brilliant branded merchandise.

Branded Mugs for Hot Drinks

They’re also just incredibly long-lasting and useful. They don’t just have to hold hot drinks either, you can use them for soup, juice, or even just as a pen holder on your desk. We’ve picked out three head-turning branded mugs that will impress even the pickiest of beverage lovers.

Magic Colour Change Mugs

These clever customised mugs change colour and reveal hidden prints when you pour hot liquid into them. When the liquid inside cools down or is drunk, the mug returns back to its original colour. This trick makes them worth considering when you’re thinking of using mugs in your range of branded merchandise. Just add hot liquid and voila! Your logo, business details, and branding appear like magic!

Branded Stoneware Mugs

The indisputable classic of the mug world, these logo emblazoned stoneware mugs are robust, ergonomic and stylish. Holding around 330ml of liquid and available in a variety of standout colours, they're easy to customise, low cost, and an essential item for kitchens and desks all over the country.

Contoured Porcelain Logo Mugs

These personalised porcelain mugs are on the smaller side when compared to the stoneware mugs, but they feature an out-turned lip at the top, which some people prefer. The porcelain used to make them has excellent heat-resisting qualities, making them comfortable to handle, and it is easy to clean too. To complete the package, these porcelain mugs also come packaged in a gift box for that added touch of quality.