See if this sounds familiar… You’re up, showered, dressed and ready to go. Your bag is packed, you know the route. You’ve got somewhere to be, and a time when you need to be there. The problem is time is ticking by, and, no matter where you look, you can’t find your keys.

Table? No. Pockets? No. Down the back of the sofa? No. It’s a long shot, but... behind the fridge? No. ARGGHHHH!

Misplaced Keys Are a Problem

A 2016 survey by My Nametags, a British manufacturer of nametags, found that we typically misplace four items a month, with keys being the most commonly lost item.

Luckily a good keyring can help limit these frustrating incidents of key disappearance. And, best of all, keyrings are a great promotional opportunity for your business!

Promotional Keyrings Are a Solution

One great option for stopping those keys from going wherever it is they go is the carabiner keyring . These brightly coloured devices attach to belts, making it easy to keep your keys handy. They come in a range of sizes, are affordable, and long lasting.

There’s more traditional fob style key rings too, which can be made from metal , leather , plastic , or even wood! Whatever style you choose, they’re all easy to customise with your business branding and details.

Other Top Key Accessory Picks

Keyrings also allow you to incorporate all sorts of useful gifts and gadgets into your giveaways – from bottle openers to box cutters and tape measures to torches , there’s bound to be something that aligns with your business!