For such a functional, practical and reliable everyday item, the duffle bag has a surprisingly rich and interesting history. It owes its name to the town of Duffel in northern Belgium, just a few miles from the much larger city of Antwerp.

Traditionally customised duffle bags had a drawstring opening at the top and were made from a thick cloth that came from Duffel in the mid 17th century, which is how the bags got their name. Duffle coats are named for the same reason.

Branded Duffle Bags

The Role of Custom Duffle Bags

Duffle bags were originally used by sailors because they were easy to store when empty but could hold large volumes of equipment, making them perfect for long voyages at sea.

The town of Duffel lies just a short distance from the coast of the English Channel and the North Sea, and duffle bags entered into use at a time when the navies of the United Kingdom and other northern European nations travelled far and wide and controlled much of the world’s seas.

It was the Second World War that brought duffle bags into wider use as various versions of the luggage were issued to military personnel, from infantry to airmen, by countries all around the world.

Reinvented For The Modern Day

Nowadays duffle bags are still popular. Big-name fashion houses, high street chain stores, and dedicated luggage manufacturers all produce duffle bags, and while the Duffel fabric is still widely used, cotton, plastic, canvas, and leather versions are more common.

What’s In A Name?

Whether you know them as a duffel, duffle, kit, or even gym bags, the chances are you’ve got at least one duffle bag of your own. They mix style and convenience and make a great promotional item. You might have even used yours today.

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