With most people heading back to work in New Zealand, it is imperative that you are prepared and equipped with the right items. We’ve listed three products that everyone needs when going back to work. Take this opportunity to personalise these items with your unique company brand or logo and benefit the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Hand Sanitiser for Work

Bulk Face Masks

With many individuals returning to work, it is incredibly necessary that we continue to maintain social distancing and healthy practices. This will almost always start with wearing a mask if you are sick or if you are concerned about the risk of illness at your workplace. Fortunately for you, we have a variety of face masks that are both disposable and reusable, and just asking to be branded with your unique name or logo.

Our best sellers include large promotional reusable face masks, small reusable personal face masks, 3-ply disposable face masks.

Logo Branded Hand Sanitiser

In this same vein, hand sanitiser is a go-to for every employee coming back to work regardless of your occupation. We provide small hand sanitisers that can fit in your purse or even clip to your bag or belt. This is a no-brainer and an essential that should always be carried, especially if you work in an environment that constantly has new patrons coming in and out.

The most recommended item is the 30ml promotional hand sanitisers for easy-carry by your recipients.

Reusable Mugs for Hot Drinks

Rather than having a cup that you constantly have to clean to make your hot beverages, consider investing in a reusable mug. This will benefit your workplace kitchen area by limiting the amount of peopling being in it and using the facility. With most cups holding around 500ml, with a double insulated wall keeping your drinks hot for 6 hours, you won’t be needing to make more than one cup of coffee or tea a day! This would be a fantastic gift for your employees, especially if printed with your company logo.

 Notable products include promotional Edward vacuum mugs, imprinted varsity travel mugs, and designer personalised coffee cups.