No matter where you live, a good umbrella is always going to be essential. Well, maybe not if you live in the Bahamas, but for us Kiwis, it’s every bit as important as your mobile phone, or your jandles. Umbrellas though are funny things, anyone who has ever fought a losing battle to stop one turning inside out in a breeze knows that. For all their protective qualities, they can be a bit… well, temperamental. Unless you invest in a quality umbrella that is, and when it comes to brollies, there’s none finer than Blunt.

blunt umbrella branded

Quality Umbrellas Made to Last

On their website, Blunt says that theirs “is the only umbrella on the market with a fully tensioned canopy for unparalleled performance. Ultimately, we have taken an everyday object of frustration and turned it into an unforgettable experience.” Blunt also believe in the principle of “repair not replace”, so if something goes wrong, they will often be able to fix it for you, rather than having to get a replacement (as seen with cheaper, no-brand brollies).

Tested to Prove Durability

To ensure the quality and durability of their umbrellas, Blunt test their creations to rigorous levels, including in winds of up to 115 km an hour! See the results for yourself in their amazing umbrella versus wind tunnel, paintballs, and fire home tests!

The Perfect Corporate Gifts

And it’s not just about keeping dry – for those lovely (and rare!) sunny days, a Blunt umbrella is the perfect thing for keeping the sun off. So come rain or shine, just think what a classic Blunt umbrella could do for you, your team, or your customers.