Expos mean one thing – free stuff! As well as being a chance to get out of the office, ignore those emails for a day, and meet new customers, expos are a golden opportunity to introduce hundreds of new people to your brand.

Promotional Item Ideas

Unfortunately, the reality is that your expo presence is only ever as good as your giveaways. But don’t worry – we’ve picked out our top 3 promotional items that you need for your next expo to help you make a lasting impression on the crowd.

Logo Branded Tote Bags

Those hungry, excited attendees are going to need something to carry around their expo swag. A well made, stylish and comfortable tote bag is the answer.

Now you’re not going to be the only exhibitor offering tote bags, so you need to make yours stand out. We can customise promotional tote bags with different logos and designs so you can make sure yours eclipses the opposition.

Personalised Mugs

Caffeine rules. I can’t function without it and I know I’m not alone. You only need to look around your own office kitchen to see how many branded mugs end up being kept and used day in, day out by the coffee-needing masses. This means that they’re one of the easiest ways to get your brand identity in front of people.

And just like with the tote bags, we can customise our mugs with your design and logo.

Promotional USB Flashdrives

A great way to attract interest at an expo is to give away a premium product. Word travels fast around an exhibition hall, and if you’re offering some that’s a cut above your competitors, it won’t be long before people are queueing up at your stand.

One good idea is a promotional USB flash drive – useful, different and still customisable. Check out our blog on flash drive speeds and you’ll also be able to wow everyone with your technical knowledge!